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A new career???!!

Well it has been yet another extremely busy week! There are only 2 weeks left until we break up for Christmas so school is very busy doing tests, getting grades and levels ready for report cards, trying to finish off parts of the syllabus etc. I had year 12 parents evening this week (only my 4th parent evening since being here not even 1 term!!) and for most teachers it was fairly quick due to small class sizes, however as I teach biology and psychology (both large classes) I had to make appointments before and after the alloted times, and was by far the last teacher there (possibly something to do with the fact that I can’t stand silence so keep on talking anyway!!!)

Monday night we had the ‘Roots and Shoots’ recycled fashion show at school. As the teacher responsible for the Roots and Shoots club I was over-seeing the whole event, although to be fair I did very little!! The students were amazing! They had designed and made a range of clothes using recycled materials, old pieces of clothing and kangas. I modeled a chicken-wire skirt that had different coloured fabrics weaved through it (see picture) It was lovely – just a bit painful, and I still have a few scratches to prove it!! The hall was filled with local people and with ticket prices going to local charities it was a great event! (I was just very exhausted by the end of it!).

Naomi Modelling

My beautiful, but oh so slightly painful skirt!

Andrew Modelling polystyrene shirt

Andrew modelling some polystyrene shirt accessories - what every man needs. (face blurred to maintain privacy!!)

The weather this week has been particularly poor, I feel like I am back in Swansea with the amount of rain (sometimes incredibly heavy, other times drizzly) and temperatures have been very cool for here about 22 degrees. Apparently the weather is very unusual for this time of year. Rob is feeling it very keenly as touch rugby has now been cancelled 2 weeks in a row due to poor pitch conditions (!!) something we didn’t expect before coming here. (However last night we enjoyed a french film and food evening at a friend’s house which was a good replacement – in my opinion!) The roads are getting even worse due to flooding. Outside our flats they have been working on the road for almost a year now, they keep on working on it for a week, and then leave it for a few weeks so that the rain messes it up again and so it continues! This week there has been a small army out there digging and building trenches either side to allow water to channel through, they have been so speedy with it, very impressive work! One guy we walk pass doesn’t seem so happy though and has offered Rob a spade to join in!

We have both struggled quite a bit this week with various issues, me with too much work and tiredness, and Rob with Visa issues, (still isn’t sorted) so we would really appreciate your prayers for that as he only has a few weeks left on his current visa. We love hearing your news too so please keep in touch!

Much love xxx