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Frisbee & Palms

This week the Mwanza Tosssers – our local ultimate frisbee team are leaving to travel and compete at a beach tournament in Mombasa (Kenya). They are playing over the easter weekend in the African Beach Ultimate tournament against other teams from around Africa – including Rwanda, Uganda and the newly formed South Sudan!  Unfortunately I’m not going along this time as I have the privilege of attending and taking photographs at Grace & Jastin’s wedding on Easter Monday, something which I’m sure will be a great occasion for all involved (and especially them). Frisbee is one sport (along with touch rugby) that I have really enjoyed getting into since being here and play twice a week. It does help that the players are a good bunch as well so even being injured I’d be tempted to go along, watch and chat!

The standard here is really good so have had to learn a few things like how to throw a forehand – something that isn’t particularly natural as I’d only ever thrown a backhand frisbee before coming here. I’m still working on the hammer throw and definitely need to improve my forehand (and grow a bit vertically) to compete with the big boys. The good players here & a few YouTube videos have given me good teaching though and also some kind of standard to dream towards. Below, I’ve included a few photos of us playing to give you an idea – taken at where we normally play – a local school field which is mostly ok apart from a few ditches here and there which are always a bit hairy to run towards when you’re trying to catch the frisbee!

Haji cool under pressure

Haji cool under pressure

John just about getting both feet off the ground for a catch!

John just about getting both feet off the ground for a catch!

Rob Ultimate Frisbee

Me getting to the frisbee fingertips ahead of my rival (I think...)

How to throw a frisbee backhand

How to throw a backhand

How to throw a frisbee forehand

How to throw a forehand















These past 2 weekends we have held fundraising events to help local team members afford to go to Mombasa also. This weekend we had a party at Tunza lodge (a beach resort on the lake) which was a good fun evening of music, fire and dancing! It also allowed us to play on sand and adjust to how hard it is to run, how tiring it is, and how to play with the wind – as I’m sure there will be on the beach in Mombasa. We also got Mwanza Tossers t-shirts made for the team & tournament – a nice chance to get a good quality t-shirt and the official team strip for Mombasa 2012).

Finally, as it is Palm Sunday in the Easter calendar today we got a nice treat at church this morning. Went along to St.Nicholas’s (the main Anglican church in Mwanza city centre) and instead of a nicely formed palm cross that you may receive in an English church we went back to the raw material and got to pick a palm branch from a big pile at the front of church. Wouldn’t fancy being on a clear up after the service though as it was already looking quite dirty in the pews with stray palm leaves all over the place!I’ll leave you with me modeling the recent things I am proud of – my new t-shirt & my palm branch.

Rob Frisbee & Palm

Me modelling the Official 2012 Mwanza Tossers T-shirt & Palm Branch