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A taste of home…

After a few themed updates thought it was about time for an update on things we have been up to.

Charcoal Ribs Resort

Charcoal Ribs

This week Naomi led a year 7 trip away, this was a 2 days and 1 night camping trip to Charcoal Ribs, a beach resort located on the lakeside at Luchelele / Nyegezi (about 30 mins drive from Mwanza – directions here). It is a really nice place to visit – scenic location, good food and well presented with nice grass (a treat here) and good selection of wildlife – fish eagles, cute rock hyrax and lake birds such as the interesting hammerkop. All the students seemed to enjoy it and were kept entertained by Naomi’s activities such as break the t-shirt out of the block of ice, design and dress a superhero, and capture the flag. I think we will probably go back for a nice relaxing saturday afternoon sometime as being there with the year 7 students didn’t allow this – although they were well-behaved overall!

Last Saturday we also had an Isamilo Staff & associates vs Isamilo students 11-a-side football match. This was played at the main Kirumba Stadium here in Mwanza, although there wasn’t a capacity crowd unlike when the national team or Toto African play there. I guess this means I could now have played on the same pitch as the likes of Drogba or Eto’o but I can’t confirm this… We (the staff and associates) came out comfortable winners 5 or 6-1. It was great to play on a decent pitch and to try out my legs out after 3 years not playing on a full size pitch. Managed to score 1 and get 2 assists playing in central midfield, learning the trade as I went on. Naomi was supporting from the sidelines along with the other WAGS – although she wasn’t sure who she was supporting with some of her favourite students playing for the opposition.

IISM Team Photo

Team Photo + Manager Annie

My towering header just over

My towering header just over

Last Sunday we joined Grace and Laura (teachers from downstairs!) and went to Starehe Childrens home for their sunday service. Some of the students at the home are sponsored to come to Isamilo to study (2 of which are in my form). We had a lovely morning singing praise and dancing in both English and Swahili, Rob particularly enjoyed bopping along, and we were both very pleased to sit down and listen to the talk from a visiting speaker (feeling quite tired and hot!) Afterwards we had the chance to wander around the orphanage and meet some of the children there including some very cute tiny babies! The home has a very special feel to it, and is (unfortunately) very much needed here in Mwanza.

Enjoying Home made Lemonade

Me enjoying some home made lemonade

Finally, Naomi has been cooking up some real treats recently to remind us of food from back home. I’m pleased to report I’ve been able to eat cheese with homemade chutney, fudge, Quiche and some lovely lemonade with lemons picked from the tree in our compound. I must say I’m very blessed to have such a selection of taste sensations cooked for me – in return for the occasional bit of washing up and shopping. I can definitely recommend Naomi’s cooking! We’veĀ  now even mastered home made tortillas thanks to a tip to put them in an air tight container after cooking so the condensation softens them rather than them becoming really crispy. Next thing to try out is home made Paneer cheese thanks to me accidentally buying soured milk!