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Are you Derby in disguise?

Recently, I’ve been noticing a few things that really make me wonder – is Tanzania actually just my home city, Derby in disguise? Sure the local football team Toto African have nothing on the might of Derby County but other things and people I meet seem to suggest otherwise….

For example, on our recent trip to Bukoba I came across this spare wheel cover on 4×4 Mercedes. Who knows how it got there – anyone happening to read this want to say they drove from Derby to Bukoba recently?

How did that get here?

How did this get here!?

In addition, at the church we have been attending – Kirumba Valley Christian Centre (KVCC)  at the end of the service a few weeks ago an announcement went out stating that Gary Gibbs, an old church leader I know from Derby was coming to visit the church for the next week! Again quite a surprise but then maybe it should be less so if Tanzania is actually Derby in disguise? Anyway, Gary preached at the service last week and it was excellent to hear him speak (Tanzanian and British styles of preaching both have merits but vary greatly), hear his thoughts on Tanzania and catch up. I’m always happy to hear that Derby is the ‘new Jerusalem’!

Gary Gibbs at KVCC Mwanza

Gary speaking on Ezekiel to a packed house at KVCC Mwanza

Gary Gibbs speaking at KVCC Mwanza

And if that isn’t enough, a friend from back in Derby’s father – Ron Brickman informed me that he has visited various cities in Tanzania for over 20 years and was visiting Mwanza this week also! Thanks to Ron for bringing out a few things that I forgot to request from my parents – a cafetière and some Marmite. Ron spoke at KVCC on Wednesday night and Naomi and I were able to catch up with him over a cool beverage during his stay to find out about the work he does here and how he helps to give vital encouragement and training to local church leaders who maybe don’t have the training readily available in the UK.

Ron Speaking at KVCC

Ron + Translator speaking at KVCC

I do sometimes get a little homesick and have to admit that I have occasionally taken to watching videos someone has made of driving the roads around Derby just to give me a taste of home! However unexpected visits and knowing that people I know have come here for many years really puts me at ease and lets us know that we are definitely in the right place for us at the moment. So if you are from Derby and are thinking of a career move or just a relocation, why not consider Mwanza – the Derby of Africa!

And finally, I should say Happy 90th birthday to my granddad! One aspect where Mwanza may be a little different to Derby is that unfortunately it’s not a quick 1½hr drive up to York to see him but just like I can keep supporting Derby through watching the text updates and finding online highlights we did manage to record and upload a video message aka this is your life to wish him congratulations!