Making Rosella (Hibiscus) Juice

We have recently discovered a great alternative to expensive fruit juice here (often around £1.60/litre) – Rosella Juice. Thought I would share the way we make it here:

Rosella- Hibiscus-Flower-PackRosella itself (not to be confused with Rosella the Australian parrot – not making bird juice) is a plant in the Hibiscus genus (Hibiscus sabdariffa) from which a tasty drink can be made. Check out the recipe below for how we make ours. The result is a cranberry esque juice drink which I’m sure must be good for your health, and according to Wikipedia contains high levels of vitamin C and anthocyanin, so will be good for combating hypertension and urinary tract infections!

Rosella-Hibiscus-1For friends and family back in the UK, I did a bit of searching online but it seems Rosella flowers are not readily available. Only one I found was this 50g box on Amazon which at £9 is definitely not worth it – for reference we pay £1.20 for 2oog! But, if you ever see them in some health food shop, pick some up and give the recipe a go!

So to make 3 litres of Rosella Juice we use:

4.5 litres of water
2 handfuls of Rosella
Sugar – sweeten to taste

1. Put Water in a large pan and add the Rosella



2. Put on medium heat and add sugar to taste


3. Simmer for about 1 hour until thoroughly infused, then leave to cool.


4. When cool, pour through sieve to remove rosella flowers and bottle, chill and enjoRosella-Juice-sievey!


So overall, a tasty drink that satisfies both the cook and ecologist in you!


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  1. Hey, Where did you buy your Rosella from?

  2. was going to ask u where u got it..may just have to try it though I will need to get a sieve and pouring funnel thing too!!!

  3. Angela Barnes

    Perhaps I could try it with a bag of M & S pot pourri! it looks like you are stewing pot pourri! Are you following Dave and Jaz’s twitter page?

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