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Great Views

Lake Victoria + Rocks lead to great viewpoints!

Went on a walk the other day with some guys from school, really enjoyable and offered some great views of the surrounding area and Lake Victoria. Thought I would share a panorama from the end of the walk (bar a customary visit to the pub after this photo was taken!)

The walk including a bit of a scramble up a hill at the end, a good chance to check out how grippy my rock running trainers are (you’ll be pleased to know they faired well!) Really enjoyed getting out and exploring a bit further than just in Mwanza itself.  We also passed by the University of Mwanza (rather different in its lecture theatres but growing) and enjoyed seeing a few games of local boys playing football. Also enjoyed paying for parking which was us asking a few guys near where we parked to ‘watch’ (i.e. not break in) to the car. When we returned they wern’t around but soon appeared for their money! Overall a great time out and enjoyable afternoon with friends.