2014 in Mwanza

So, it has been a very long time since I posted on our blog but today I feel compelled to write something! I apologise for our lack of posts, I’ve just realised that this is the first in 2014!

We had a lovely break over the Christmas period, travelling to Kenya visiting Nairobi, the Rift Valley and also attending a conference for christian workers in East Africa.

Us infront of the 'Sleeping Warrior' on boxing day morning

Us infront of the ‘Sleeping Warrior’ on boxing day morning

Rob enjoying a real pizza!

Rob enjoying a real pizza!

It was a lovely, relaxing trip (aside from Rob’s tooth ache!), we got to see some amazing wildlife and scenery, spend some time with our special friends, go shopping in an actual shopping centre, eat ‘real’ Italian food and meet some inspirational people working in this area of the world.

A friendly chameleon at the guest house

A friendly chameleon at the guest house

Leopard about to pounce us!

Leopard about to pounce us!

Us at the Equator

Us at the Equator

We drove this awesome Maruti (with hatch!) up the Rift Valley

We drove this awesome Maruti (with hatch!)

Life in Mwanza continues to be busy for both of us…


Rob is very busy preparing for taking the team to Rio for the Street Child World Cup! 10 street boys plus some support staff  leave Tanzania on 27th March to fly over the Atlantic. Most of these boys have never left Mwanza, let alone Tanzania so it is a huge, amazing experience for them all. Please follow their progress while they are there: http://streetchildworldcup.org.

The last few weeks have been busy for Rob getting birth certificates, passports and visas for all of those travelling as well as preparing them for their time away and especially including football training and art workshops. Aside from organising this Rob has continued to run street sessions (street skillz) across Mwanza for children living on the streets. This work is vital for keeping in contact with the street boys, being a point of contact for them if they need help (a few weeks ago a young boy attended a session having just had a glass bottle smashed over his head, thankfully because he attended the sessions he knew where to go for help and they were able to take him to the hospital). For more information of the project visit http://tscacademy.org/

Alongside all of this busyness the project also received a large group of visitors from BT Sports who support the project, it was great to show them where the money goes and how they are impacting lives here. http://sport.bt.com/the-supporters-club-01363834138410

A Street Skillz Session

A Street Skillz Session


So maybe I am not quite a busy as Rob! But my work continues in school as a teacher and head of 6th form. Things are never quiet at school, there is always something going on – a recycled fashion show on Friday night, international day next friday and a talent show the following week! The school continues to grow and I still love my job and the students that I work with.

Recently we have both felt blessed by our ‘family’ here in Mwanza, even though we dearly miss our family and friends at home God has given us some amazing friends here. We meet with a group of ex-pats every Sunday for lunch, fellowship, bible study and prayer. Recently one of our friends was seriously ill and air-lifted to Nairobi for emergency treatment, God performed an amazing miracle healing him and they arrived back in Mwanza yesterday. During some of the time when they were away we lived at their house and cared for their 4 young girls, this was definitely a steep learning curve for us, but the girls were amazing and we were just so touched by how amazing our friends are here, all stepping out to help.

At the beginning of this year we were unsure of what was next in store for us, we looked at leaving Mwanza, looking for jobs in other places, but after a while of feeling uncertain we decided that our time here is not yet up! So we are staying another year, and then we shall see what God has in store for us after then.

We have just booked flights back to the UK for the July and part of August and are really excited about seeing everyone again!

Life here is not always the easiest, there are many trials along the way, we appreciate your prayers for us, three verses from Lamentations 3 keep coming back to me:

“The faithful love of the Lord never ends!
His mercies never cease.
   Great is his faithfulness;
his mercies begin afresh each morning.
   I say to myself, “The Lord is my inheritance;
therefore, I will hope in him!”


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  1. Always enjoy your updates! Looking forward to catching up during the summer!

  2. I had missed your blogs and updates. Hope your trip goes well Rob & I am happy to hear you are staying for another year as I know you would be missed by so many. Enjoy Mwanza for me. I miss so many things there but mainly the amazing people I got to meet!

  3. Angela Barnes

    Good to hear from you again and a very interesting and newsy blog influenced by Naomi! No disrespect Rob but sometimes you get over enthusiastic about birds and lizards and ignore shopping, pizzas and people! Only joking. Glad to hear you are both happy and supported and feel settled now you know what you are doing for the next year. All well at Langstone. Jaz & Dave left for Uganda at the end of Jan until beginning of June I think and are really stuck in to life there. Pure Ground, after 18 months, is now showing small profits which is good. Keep up the blogs!

  4. Hey Rob and Naomi. Great to see you back in the blog business. Great news that you feel settled about staying there for another year. You both doing so much. Naomi, I wouldn’t say that being Head of 6th form isn’t being busy!!! Good to hear that you have suc a good set of friends to help and support you. Good friends like that are so needed at times, aren’t they Angela?

  5. Steve Curtis

    Sorry, I hit the button on the previous entry before I finished filling in my name!!

  6. Steve Curtis

    Hey Rob and Naomi. Great to see you back in the blog business. So good to hear that things are going well for you and the you have a great set of friends to support you.

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