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Dissections & other business

Well it has been a few weeks since I last posted on our blog, so thought it was time to add some more!

The past few weeks have flown by, they have been busy and at times stressful, but still enjoyable! School is continuing to go well, I am still spending a ridiculous amount of time planning, but teaching 3 new courses is always going to be tough!! I have had some interesting moments at school, one was last week at ‘science club’…. we decided to do some dissections with the kids so ordered some hearts, lungs and eyes ( as you do), knowing how squeamish I am (especially with eyes!) I asked Rob to come in to help! Anyway our ‘organs’ arrived on time and I was slightly shocked to see that the eyes were still connected to the goats head, so we got to see the entire brain as well! I’m not sure that Rob enjoyed gougingĀ  the eyes out of their sockets with a scalpel! Anyway the kids absolutely loved it!!! I had another dissecting adventure yesterday with my year 7s – I ordered chicken drumsticks/legs to look at the different tissue types, anyway when I opened the bag I was slightly disgusted by 6 chicken/turkey claws and legs – they were vile!! Again the kids were great, and fully enjoyed poking each other with chicken claws-nails!

School is particularly good for wildlife – we have large amounts of monkeys running around, stealing things out of the bins and being generally naughty! I spotted a scorpion the other day too, alongside lots of unusual (to me) creepy crawlies! One animal that I was very relieved not to see last week was a green mamba snake that was apparently crawling around the school, I am still fearing my first snake encounter!

So weekdays are pretty busy, Rob seems to do a different sport each night (including football, rugby and frisbee) and we are both about to play in the school badminton league – our first game is monday night, I can’t help thinking that I am going to be a big hindrance! I am also involved in running the roots and shoots club at school – promoting the environment and community. We are in the process of organising a recycled clothing fashion show, the auditions for models was this afternoon and overĀ  40 kids showed up, they are not at all shy!!!

Weekends are a mixture of resting and getting things done! A trip to town to get a few items can easily last 4 hours and leaves you exhausted and fed up!!! We have visited a local english speaking church a couple of times which has been lovely and we even visited a Swahili speaking church where a friend was preaching. That really was an amazing experience; it lasted hours, but the singing and dancing were fantastic, I did however feel uncomfortable as guests of honour sitting on the front row, and we were paraded in and out and had to introduce ourselves and speak to the entire congregation! Power always seems to be off on a Sunday so we are starting to get used to that!

Life at the flats is good, our dogs – Ed and Roxy greet us whenever we arrive/leave and make themselves at home in whichever flat they decide to visit!! Our gecko population seems to be ever-increasing (probably because we have so many ants!) and we have at least one resident agama lizard called Cedric. I am on the look-out for a tortoise to adopt too!!!

Cooking is always a challenge, it is hard to plan a meal when the power then cuts out! Our oven also has 1 setting (on/off) so I have no idea what temperature it is, however I have successfully made chocolate brownies, ginger shortcake and pizza! We miss puddings and sweet foods, they seem to be lacking here! The fruit is fab though and I made some passionfruit squash which was good. I can’t wait for mango season to start!!

Tomorrow we are off to book our first safari trip (for 2 weeks time – half term) which is VERY exciting for us, and also some flights for Christmas to Zanzibar. Thank you for all of your comments and emails… we want to know your news as well!!

missing you lots xxxx