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A Saturday Morning in Mwanza

Hi all,

This week we thought we would do something slightly different and take a drive around Mwanza. Thought this might give you a nice idea of what the whole city is like, around our area and how everything fits together if you never manage to make it out here. It is fairly long at 10:50 but is speeded up (2.5x) to help keep things moving and hopefully a point of interest fairly often! I’ve tried to make it as compressed as possible so the quality is only ok at 320 x 240 and due to licensing it can’t be played on mobiles or tvs.

Points of interest include:

0:53 – Isamilo International School

2:03 – Kuleana Street Children’s Centre & Binti Maringo Restaurant

2:32 – U Turn ‘Super’Market

3:26 – DalaDala Stand

3:49 – Aka Khan Mosque

4:06 – Bugando Hill

4:24 – Bugando Hospital (in background)

5:03 – Main road to City Centre

5:47 – Mwanza’s one set of traffic lights

6:07 – Fish Fountain Roundabout

6:24 – Mwanza Railway Station

6:45 – Capri Point

7:17 – Bismarck Rocks

8:20 – Airport Road

9:22 – Kirumba Fish Market

10:05 – Kirumba Market

Hope it was enjoyable and gave you an idea of our daily lives or if you are moving to mwanza what is in store for you! City centre roads are actually mostly paved now so not too many dirt roads for you to enjoy, but managed to get a few in!

Video may also look like the ultimate in hazard perception tests (by DVLA) but think the mouse may get worn out by the end due to the amount of clicking required!

Music credits:

1)Jambo Jambo by Kenyan Boys Choir

2)Nwa Baby Ashawo (remix) by Flavour

3)Hakuna Mungu kama wewe (There’s no God like You) by Jirani Children’s Choir

and the start of Baba Yetu (our father) at the end there.