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Happy GMT+2

Hello all, I can now write to you only 2 hours ahead of the UK, meaning a couple of things – we can chat to family & friends in the evening at a slightly nicer time, and evening football kick offs e.g. Premiership & Champions League games are now much more accessible. It had to be a good game to warrant watching  20:00 GMT kick-offs which would finish at 01:00AM here (whilst also hoping the power wouldn’t go out halfway through the match…)

This week we have been getting into locally dubbed Mexican TV telenova (whatever that may mean) Soy tu Duena – Woman of Steel (warning – link does contain the plot in case anyone is ever going to watch it..). Partly for the all action plot (so far) and partly so we can have a chuckle at how loud the characters footsteps have been made in the dubbing – even when they walk on carpet! Monty Python’s coconut clonks for horse hoofs come to mind..We are on episode 5 now and they still make me chuckle! Have tried to find a video of it but only found the spanish original with subtitles so far where the footsteps are once again a normal decibel level.

We have been enjoying a few fundraising social events on recent weekends. Last weekend there was a charity fair at the school with lots of little games, raffle, cake sale, arty things etc to raise money for both Saturday School (where local children attend the school) and for a school bus. Was a really fun afternoon and despite not winning anything in the raffle, I didn’t leave empty-handed winning a prize from the darts challenge and Naomi not leaving empty-handed after getting a henna tattoo.

Naomi Henna

Naomi's Henna Tattoo

This weekend just gone we had a Frisbee fundraiser to help send some of the local players in our team (who would normally not be able to afford to go) to an Ultimate Frisbee East African beach tournament at Mombasa in Easter. It was a really good evening of dancing, live music, games, food & drink hopefully raising a good chunk of money towards the cause. I particularly enjoyed singing along to no woman no cry, bopping away on the dance floor and bumping into people whilst going wrong doing the Shuffle (a local group dance originating from a Vodacom advert).

Finally I can report a successful first trip to a garage to get our car fixed. One of the newly replaced tyres was going flat and one of the newly replaced shock absorbers was making a loud clunky noise. Thankfully, the leaky tyre turned out to just be a dodgy valve and the clunk of the shock absorber being a loose nut. Our visit could not have turned out better really as the mechanics easily sorted both these problems, cleaned the car inside and out (v.important here), and we enjoyed a soda with the owner! The best bit – despite them working on the car for about 45 mins to an hour there was no charge. So I can thoroughly recommend the Official Toyota Service centre if you need your car fixing in Mwanza.

N.B.1 – I have updated the Shinyanga post with a photo representation of the disappointment felt of the Saturday evening BBQ treat actually turning out to be a cartilage, bone and if you were lucky, connective tissue stew (useful science lesson though). I didn’t want you to miss out so here is the photo below.

Looking unimpressed with the 'BBQ'

Not looking impressed at the 'BBQ' - cartilage anyone?

N.B 2 – Don’t miss out on Naomi’s brief mid-week post championing and linking to the Forever Angels ( a local charity caring for orphaned and abandoned babies in the Mwanza area) YouTube Video. They receive a donation for every view from the Research Partnership. Feel free to share this with your friends!