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Tanzanian Differences

Well this week I thought I would share a few thoughts on adjusting to how life is done a bit different over here in Tanzania, not the obvious things but amusing things you notice from living here and being around and about:

1) Lack of Power

Last week, we unfortunately had a few power problems where from Thursday to Sunday we had low voltage electricity coming to our flats. As we have to use a protector plug (monitors electricity supply for high/low voltage, power surges etc.) on our fridge, it didn’t like the supply it was receiving and was completely off Thursday & Friday. Then from 09:00 Saturday morning the power was completely off! Unfortunately this was not too good for the frozen chicken (4-5 breasts) and burgers (10) that were in there and they completely defrosted.

BBQ Coals - Burning Nicely

BBQ Coals - Burning Nicely

On the plus side, this forced our hand into having a bbq (to cook the defrosted meat) for everyone in the flats on our balcony which was really good fun and an opportunity to test out our bbq (appreciated using fellow teacher’s kerosene to get it going – nice and flammable!) We also managed to find songs with each persons name in the title.

2) Ad Hoc Roadworks

I was walking along our road (Balewa Road) towards town this week and noticed there were some men doing some work on the water pipes by the side of the road. I then noticed a big arc of water spraying out across the road! Turns out they didn’t bother turning the water off so cars were getting a nice wash on the way past. Unfortunately for us walkers it was quite a job to try to climb the bank of the road to get round the spray which stretched the whole width of the road (and some)! Disappointed to say I didn’t have my camera with me to capture the moment.

3) Restaurant Waiters

We went to Villa Park (the local restaurant/bar/nightclub) and a friend ordered the chicken. Waiter asks “Roasted or Grilled”? Friend ordered grilled and the waiter went away, a little disgruntled. He then came back with the drinks and to check on the order, again “Roasted or Grilled” so he was reminded we wanted it grilled. He was a little concerned again and then proceeded to inform us it was only available roasted! Not quite sure why we got the option but that is Tanzania for you!

In other news, it is now mango (embe in Swahili) season which means Naomi is happy!

Baby Gecko

Baby Gecko

I’m hoping it doesn’t mean the end of pineapple (nanasi) season as I have quite got into them. Naomi almost drowned a baby gecko (Hubert) – picture (she startled it causing it to jump it into a pan of water (not boiling)), but then promptly managed to save it. Finally to comfort those in the UK, these past few days have been pretty wet and cool here. It has rained a good part of thursday and friday and the temperature in our flat has plummeted to a fleece and trouser wearing 21-22 degrees C! Right hope you are building up a bit of an image in your mind of Tanzania and the fun you can have here. Cheerio for now!