Hi all, I was looking the other day and it seems that it has been over a month since I updated this blog! The main reason for this is a good one…I have been really busy with my work, which means thing are happening with TSC Academy, which means we are doing good works supporting vulnerable children and campaigning for street children’s rights!

On the 20th April, 2 coaches from Premier League side Queens Park Rangers (QPR) and a member of the team from the Street Child World Cup (SCWC) team arrived in Tanzania to run the first ever pilot project of ‘Street Kickz’ . This is based on the  Premier League’s Kickz project which runs football sessions in deprived areas of the UK, and the plan for this was to see if the model could be adapted to work with street children around the world. This was a huge opportunity for the project to expand our work with street children and it was so great to have such expertise and the Premier League brand here in Mwanza!

The week was a complete success and I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome; the coaches produced a high quality training course and the 22 local coaches – made up of former street children, police officers, teachers and TSC players – all worked so hard and completed the course with flying honours! For 2 of the days we had a professional film maker with us which was a great opportunity for promotion and hopefully the film will make it onto various news sites around the UK. We also made it into the local press including the back page of the main english language newspaper (here), on national tv and radio.

Soon, we will have some world class artists coming out to do further training of the coaches on using art to reach vulnerable and street children, allowing the children to express what they have been through using theatre, art and dance. The eventual project will then run football and creative sessions. So currently I am busy planning for their arrival so will leave you with a series of links to the blogs written by the QPR and SCWC visitors! Enjoy, it is nice reading a visitors point of view and they had some nice words to say of our work too! This training is just the start and there is so much exciting work to do here they really have Inspired change!

QPR Blogs  1     2     3      4      5     6

SCWC Blogs   1      2      3       4      5


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