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Ant Art

We get a lot of ants in our flat, around our compound, or in fact most places you go here. They are either using our flat as a highway to get from A to B, finding food or drink, or digging holes for a nest. They are rather annoying and means anything worth eating needs to be kept in a sealed container or you avoid being very disappointed when you find it full of little critters! Ants here range from little fire ants up to Siafu (the army ant – which you may know from such films as Indiana Jones & the Crystal Skull) which will form the basis of another blog I’m sure!

I decided I would have a bit of fun with the ants that inhabit our place (little fire ants) by trying my own bit of ant-art (copyright pending). I was quite pleased with the result although a few stray ants made it a bit messy, I may try a few more in the future and no ants were harmed in the making of this artwork – in fact they gained from it by finding a food source! However, many other ants were harmed in our kitchen over the past few days…. If anyone would like anything producing, commissions are welcome.

My Ant Art

Ant Art!

Me and the england batons

Come on England!

We have been enjoying the Euro 2012 games over here but with all the 9:45 kick-offs finishing at 11:30PM it is quite tiring managing to watch all the games! Have enjoyed all the associated parties however and we will be cheering on England tonight in the quarter final against Italy! In fact, the atmosphere has been really good at some of the games and us England supporters have always outnumbered the Anyone But England (ABE) supporters. Thanks to our great friends back home (you know who you are) for sending out these England ‘boom boom sticks‘ to help get the atmosphere going – although I’m sad to say they were vandalised and broken by some thugs and 1 is beyond repair 😦 This picture however does also show off my new shirt I got tailored here to try to get into the african way of dressing – I’m hoping to build up quite a collection during our time here!

Preying Mantis

Preying Mantis

Finally, our flats had a nice visit from a preying mantis this week. It was proudly sitting on the banister in our flats. They are impressive creatures and my only previous experience of one was a pet one being brought into our children’s church club ‘stacks’ many years ago! So was nice to meet one in the wild.

Ooh and a final mention – I managed to write a majority of this blog post with Naomi sound asleep – keeping the sunday afternoon snooze tradition going (and possibly proof reading reports has sent her to sleep)! Doesn’t she look so peaceful.