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Snake Visit!

Thought I should mention our first true encounter with danger – a snake trying to get into our house! This week we were in the house when Macy, the compound dog was just on her way out following some food, training and sleep. But this time she pushed the mosquito net open and didn’t go out – just stood back. When I realised the net was open and was berating the dog for letting the mozzys in I looked over and saw a grey snake slithering around sort of stuck under the mosquito net door.

The Snake's Head

The Snake’s Head

Not really knowing what to do when you come across what is potentially a deadly snake I exclaimed to Naomi “Oh, it’s a snake”, at which point she jumped onto a chair and screamed (reenactment below).

Naomi's reaction!

Naomi’s reaction!

Again not really knowing, I asked for a broom to see if I could poke it away and thenĀ  with all my biology degree knowledge going out the window tried to kill it by squashing it in the door. Unfortunately I forgot it wasn’t a worm and it had a backbone that was stronger than my pulling the door shut and this didn’t work.

Obviously we were trapped and at the mercy of this deadly snake, it cunningly had blocked our only exit out of the house so had free rein over us. Unfortunately for it we had a mobile phone to call our next door neighbour who could go and get our askaris who were willing to do the job of killing it for us. I’m sad to say this was the only real option, we don’t really have the knowledge to identify which snakes are dangerous and which are harmless. If I had known we could have tried to capture and relocate it but when the venom of the mamba can kill you in 20 minutes you are a little concerned.

The Snake (dead)

The Snake (dead)

So if anyone does know from the pictures in this post please let us know. It was about 2.5 feet long, had a greyish/black top and a light, white underbelly. I have tried looking through the preview pages of the book ‘A Photographic Guide to Snakes Other Reptiles and Amphibians of East Africa ( and of those the most likely is the Black Mamba but we’d like it not to be!

The Snake stretched out

The Snake stretched out