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January almost gone….

Well it has been quite a while since either of us ‘blogged’ we have had a busy few weeks since Christmas, it didn’t take long to get back into the swing of things after having a lovely few weeks off!

We were back in school on the 3rd, everyone made it back in time (2 teachers arrived at the flats at 11pm after flying for over a day the night before!) Term kicked off with yr 11 mocks, our kids really don’t get a rest! My yr 12s and 13s are now frantically revising for their mocks next week and some of them collecting predicted grades for uni applications. I know I have said it before but I am so impressed with some of our students, they are so hard-working, dedicated and just an absolute joy to teach! It is so exciting to see them looking at universities all  over the world to apply to, I just hope that they are able to pay the extortionate fees that university’s charge because they really deserve to be there!

Rob has been getting a lot busier too with his football project as things start to get sorted, I have the feeling that the next year or so is going to be very busy for him, but the cause is a good one! I’m sure he will update on his project shortly!

We are very excited to have a bought a car! It is so lovely to have the freedom to travel further out of Mwanza and also to go out at night! The roads here are very variable – some pretty good ones and then some absolutely awful tracks that would be classed as impassable in the UK! We have a little green Rav4, it is an automatic which means Rob can put all of his attention to other drivers here – I’m pretty sure they have never been introduced to the indicators or the idea of stopping at roundabouts! or kipulefti (keepy-lefty) as they are called in Kiswahili!

We have really enjoyed getting to know some other expats better, we have started going to a home group on Wednesdays with some doctors at the local hospital, it is amazing and humbling to hear of the work that they do in such a deprived area. There is a strange dynamic movement of people here, it seems that new people are arriving all the time and others are leaving. Due to the nature of where we are recruitment starts early here, so sadly some teachers have made the decision to leave which is going to be sad for us, but exciting for them as they are looking where in the world to go next!! (Recent conversations have included Tokyo, Honduras, Kiev and Doha!)

Roxy (the dog) has had a particularly hard time recently, a couple of weeks ago she escaped in pursuit of a chicken over the road, the owner of the chicken was not to happy and so chased her and swiped at her with a machete. Needless to say she has a huge gash across her abdomen (which is finally healing up) but unfortunately she has damaged her spine and has no movement in her back legs. She is a determined little thing though and manages to drag herself around the flats and gardens – you can see Roxy trails in the dust! We are not sure what is going to happen to her, the vet is still hopeful for her recovery and wasn’t too happy when we mentioned the possibility of putting her down. Anyway we shall see, we miss her in our flat though, being on the top of 3 floors she has no hope of making it up to us!

Rob is continuing to enjoy all of the sport here on offer – Tuesdays and Saturdays ultimate frisbee, Thursdays football and Fridays touch rugby. I have also surprised him with my sporting ability when we play in the badminton tournament, we are currently unbeaten (mind you my strategy is to stand at the front and duck most of the time, just getting the net shots!) and he was also gutted to miss my performance at the school sports day when we (4 teachers) raced yr 11-13 girls in the 4x100m relay, much to everyone’s surprise we won fairly convincingly and everyone was amazed at my speed!! (it was probably the only time I have run properly since I was in school!) My house team won sports day as well so a great day all round!!

It has turned very hot here now that rainy season has finally finished! Most nights at 10.30 the temperature in our room is 28.9°C which is not pleasant, however I guess we have just gotten used to it! I am finding myself very tired after teaching when it is so hot! The power is back to playing up (after an almost faultless December!)

I cannot believe that January is almost over! It was exactly a year ago today that I emailed Isamilo school to ask for an application form! This past year has flown by and our lives are so completely different this year compared to last, and on the whole we love it here, the tough part is missing all of you guys at home! Make sure you keep up updated with your news too!