It may be 25 days in before I have posted this on the blog, but I still need your support….

This year I’m growing a moustache for Movember. I’m doing it for our work here in Tanzania, so I am raising money for Cheka Sana Children’s Trust. They raise money in the UK and then send the money out to us for us to act! Maybe I can take you on my journey through Movember…Please if you can, give generously – we are a small charity and all the money will go to great use supporting vulnerable and street connected children here in Mwanza and if you want to know what happens to your money you can ask me personally! I’ve got a website for the football side of our work –

Day 4 – Just a little unshaven…

Mo Day 4

Day 9 – The mo develops a personality, Facebook comments suggest Mario

Mo Day 9

Day 17 – “Cool” in every sense of the word! Bit more Barry Chuckle by the day

Mo Day 17

Day 23 – Time for a trim (allowed in the rules), and take the opportunity to make it a nice shape for the picture, plus the charity football shirt in the picture!

Mo Day 23

Next job, find a pair of aviators in a shop here, and see what look that brings! Only 5 days left, who knows what might happen – please give generously!



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