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Half Term Rest

Half term week has been fairly quiet for us. We decided it was probably best to save a bit of money this time and maybe head away at another opportunity. Have been quite jealous of other teachers however recounting stories and sharing photos of trips away, Rwanda (visiting the mountain gorillas) probably my most envious. Money here can be an issue sometimes – the salaries at the school are much less than a general international school (as the school fees makes itself more accessible to people) and with me volunteering we sometimes just take a few less holidays than other people!

I have been continuing to do some work over half term which has been useful, and Naomi has also used the opportunity to get ahead in planning a few things (although she still has plenty to do!) I did enjoy the chance to go out sailing on Lake Victoria with a friend (watching out for crocs as we walked out with the boat of course) a couple of times which was an extremely pleasant experience to see some local islands and enjoy the open water. I also learned that you can still get sunburned even though you have lived in the sun and built up a decent tan! Also learnt the ropes (or lines) of how to sail a laser class boat.

Naomi ThumbNaomi did manage to injure herself this week – getting out of the car this week she somehow managed to get her thumb trapped in the door which she had slammed shut. Quite a painful experience which rendered her weak and faint due to the shock. It has also turned her thumb blue on the front and red on the back – we’re hoping at the moment it won’t fall off – although it has been a good excuse for her not to work!

This weekend I was gutted to watch England lose to Wales in the rugby, especially watching it with a Welshman. Although the fact it was a good game did slightly make up for the loss. I will also be mediating 2 of the teachers watching the Arsenal Tottenham today so has been a good weekend of sporting rivalries.

Finally, I had a request from my Grandad that he see pictures of the outside of our flats. I’m not one to disobey the request of my grandfather so here are a few! Ooh and I managed to finally photograph the one bird resident in our garden that has been eluding me – the White-browed Robin Chat. It has been teasing me with such a loud and distinctive call but always flew off before I could locate it. If you’re interested, the pic is here – good looking bird.

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